How We Work

(c) Management, Inc., (CMI) expertise and stewardship brings value to clients as demonstrated by a notable track record in:

  • Financial Management
    As an accredited association management company, CMI incorporates industry best practices in its financial and operational policies and procedures. With more than 40 years experience in budget forecasting, planning, and association operations, CMI works closely with clients to maintain a strong financial foundation to achieve client goals.

  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Support
    CMI actively facilitates the work of our clients’ leadership through regular communication and support tailored to the client’s needs. From administrative functions to near- and long-term strategic planning, CMI promotes client leadership growth through strategic planning workshops for client boards, engages clients in measuring and reporting on progress toward goals, and offers expertise to resolve challenges that may arise.

  • Corporate Relations and Development
    CMI’s dedicated development team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in securing financial support for meetings, events, and robust educational programs. The team applies this depth of experience when building relationships and collaborating with funders and advocacy groups to grow revenues to support client operations. Working with the client, CMI’s development team creates a funding program that is specific, sustainable, and supports the client’s mission. Funds are typically generated through corporate memberships, educational grants, exhibits, sponsorships, and advertising.

  • Meetings and Education
    Whether planning events that are in-person or virtual, the CMI meetings and education staff are adept at seamless delivery of programs scaled to our clients’ needs. CMI meeting staff, led by two certified meeting professionals (CMPs), specializes in planning, budgeting, marketing, and executing meetings, workshops, summits, seminars, and more. On average, CMI staff deliver over 65 meetings annually–ranging in size from 60 to nearly 1,000 attendees.

    The CMI education team supports client education objectives from pre-launch planning through every stage of development to delivery, analysis, and evaluation. CMI staff assist clients in creating, designing, branding, marketing, and delivery of customized education programs–in person, in print, and online.

    Staff are adept at creating educational deliverables that reduce complexity so that direct, relatable learning takes place. CMI has in-depth experience in delivering on-target education for multidisciplinary audiences in the healthcare space. Recent education initiatives executed for clients include programs related to cancer immunotherapy, molecular testing, and mitigating cancer financial toxicity.

    Meetings and education staff have extensive experience with providing programs that offer CME-CE credits.

  • Advocacy and Policy
    With more than 40 years of experience in healthcare advocacy and policy, CMI is positioned to provide exceptional support to clients during a critical period of transition in the U.S. healthcare landscape. Over the years, CMI has facilitated meetings and dialogue between client leadership and key staff at such organizations as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the National Cancer Institute, the National Academy of Medicine (formerly, the Institute of Medicine), and congressional committees overseeing legislation relevant to CMI clients. CMI understands how national and state governments work…and we deliver analysis and advocacy support for our clients.

  • Membership Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement
    CMI helps clients exceed membership goals through recruitment campaigns that begin with market research and follow through with comprehensive, customized solutions to achieving growth.

    Membership engagement is key to successful membership development. CMI starts this process by engaging client members as soon as they join. Using a variety of channels, CMI continually connects clients to their membership through direct mail, personal outreach, targeted emails, and social media. CMI employs the latest technology including a web-based data management system that tracks all member and customer activities, platforms to support member-to-member networking, online learning management systems, and customer relationship management.

    Regular needs assessments help identify education and resource needs so that clients are continually increasing client member satisfaction.

  • Marketing and Communications
    CMI staff understands the critical importance of cutting through the clutter in the healthcare space to make client messages stand out. Whether marketing events, educational programs, member recruitment and retention, brand awareness, or advocacy campaigns, our team develops comprehensive and segmented marketing plans to promote client content strategically across platforms and appropriate channels—from press releases to social media, eNewsletters, advertising, graphic design, video, and more. Our staff is accomplished at analyzing client information needs and taking advantage of growth opportunities by creating strategic, cost-effective solutions that deliver tangible results.