About CMI

CMI, the association management division of MJH Life Sciences, provides trusted and dynamic management services for associations, foundations, and non-profits in the healthcare field. CMI manages the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)- the leading education and advocacy organization for the cancer care community and the Oncology State Societies at ACCC – a network of 22 Chapters that provide a state- and regional-level focus into the complexities of cancer delivery.

As an AMC, CMI provides non-profit organizations with full-service management, leveraging shared resources across multiple clients to increase capabilities. AMCs provide clients with unparalleled agility and adaptability, and financial advantages, which make CMI a good alternative to self-management.

An AMC serves as the organization’s headquarters, including staff resources, day-to-day operations, and operating disciplines. Another benefit of the AMC model is that CMI is able to offer scalability of staff and resources where and when they are most needed.

Since 2011 CMI has held continuous accreditation from the AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the association management industry. Of the estimated 600 association management companies globally, less than 14% have received AMCI Accreditation. To achieve accreditation, association management companies must demonstrate that they meet or surpass the AMCI/ANSI Standards of Good Practice. Accreditation signifies our company’s ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest level of professional management services to our clients.


To provide trusted & dynamic management services for associations, foundations, and nonprofits in the healthcare field.

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